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We are a center of diverse and dedicated practitioners who recognize that true wellness comes from within. We offer a wide range of healing modalities that support and encourage our clients on their own unique journeys of holistic health, including preventive medicine, harmonizing bodywork and wellness education. As a division of the Yoga Shala yoga studio of Portland, we are committed to providing a relaxing and rejuvenating urban retreat located within the beautiful HUB building on North Williams Avenue ‐ just minutes from downtown.


Mandy Corr

LMT 14579

With a passion for helping others liver their lives to the fullest, I focus on the chronic areas as well as finding the hidden restrictions to bring each client's body back into a comfortable state of structural balance.

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Samuel Hobbs

LMT 26584

By combining a structural whole body approach with Osteopathic methods of Visceral, Neural and Vascular Manipulation, together we craft sessions and treatments around your needs and goals for optimal health, wellness, and function.

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Katie Marshall

LAc AC153430, MAcOM
Dipl. OM

Through the use of acupuncture, herbs, nutritional advice, and zen style shiatsu my treatments are used to assist clients on their journey to health. Acupuncture is a beautiful process and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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Fumi Mori

LAc AC160515, MAcOM
Dipl. OM

Through acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong, body work and NAET, I treat chronic & constitutional concerns, including allergy & hormonal balance. I also work in pediatrics Shonishin (no needles) acupuncture.

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Angie Ringwald

LMT 16562, RYT

Angie specializes in Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, Biodynamic Craniosacral + Massage, Pre and Post Natal. Insurance: In Network - Blue Cross & Pacific Source, Motor Vehicle Accidents.

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Tanya Woods

LMT 16295

I bring to my practice an intention of presence, healing, compassion and dedication for each individual. My hope with massage is that it brings a sense of connection to your natural state, happiness.

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